Cast (in Order of Appearance)



Leontes Mike Thompson
Hermione Melissa Robinson
Polixenes Micah Chalmer
Paulina/a Bohemian Rebecca Proch
Archidamus/a Bohemian Josh Engel
Camillo Rachel Duda
Emilia/Shepherd Lisa Hill-Corley
Antigonus/Mopsa Don Cook
Gaoler/Dorcas E. Lynda Bruce-Lewis
Cleomenes/a Bohemian Joe Roberts
Dion/a Bohemian Rebecca Hranj
Officer/Florizel Evan Ockershausen
Clown/a Waitress Caitlin Williams
Autolycus/Courtier Calvin Smith
Perdita/Courtier Leanne Dinverno
Mamillius Dylan Kaufman


Director: Melissa Schick
Assistant Director: Katie Wanschura
Producer: Joshua Engel
Stage Managers: Katie Wanschura, Leanne Dinverno
Lighting Designer: Patrick Mullen
Sound Designer: Don Cook
Set Designer: Patrick Mullen
Costumers: Caitlin Williams, Leanne Dinverno, Katie Wanschura
Bear Costume by: Joe Roberts and Katie Wanschura
Website: Sean Eustis
Photography and Graphic Design: Rachel Duda
Publicity Consultant: Melissa Robinson
Select Set Pieces from: Silver Spring Stage
Rehearsal Space Provided by: UCP on the Potomac