Titus Andronicus: General of Rome's armies in the Goth war, his military acumen is unparalleled. He is unyielding in his beliefs, and respects strength. Fiercely loyal to Rome and his family (in that order) but incredibly dangerous when crossed.

Marcus Andronicus: Brother to Titus, he is the heart of the family. His loyalty to his family is greater than his loyalty to Rome, unlike his brother. Where as Titus sees the world in black and white, Marcus sees all shades of grey.

Aaron the Moor: Supplier of drugs to both Romans and Goths alike, he thrives on chaos. He is the sort of person who would set a house on fire so he could listen to the screams. His status as a drug dealer makes him both an outsider and an insider with both Goths and Romans alike.

Lavinia: Only daughter of Titus, she is spirited and independent. She has her father's strength and bravery. Doomed to the cruel mercies of Chiron and Demetrius, she nonetheless exhibits her strength and intelligence even when she is reduced to a mutilated wreck.

Tamora: Queen of the goths and mother to Chiron and Demetrius. She is a formidable adversary to Titus and equally dangerous when crossed. Her affection for her sons is somewhat eclipsed by her willingness to use them as pawns.

Saturninus: Eldest son of Caesar and Emperor of Rome. Huge sense of entitlement eclipsed by his own insecurities and petulant need for praise of his people. Habitual cocaine user.

Bassianus: Younger brother of Saturninus. More self assured than his brother, he is probably a better choice for Emperor but for the fact that he lacks guile.

Demetrius: Oldest son of Tamora after Alarbus is killed. He is an extremely violent and unpredictable drug addict. He thrives on acts of violence, rape, or worse. He is effectively a weapon to be used either by Tamora or by Aaron.

Chiron: Younger brother of Demetrius, he has been neglected for most of his life. Starved for attention and guidance, his role model is his bestial brother who treats him like a child when he acknowledges him at all.

Lucius: Titus' eldest son, he is as loyal to his family as his father is to Rome. Impulsive, sometimes bloodthirsty, he is also a natural born leader, though this is a role he will grow into over time.

Alarbus/Clown/Mutius/Goth: Multiple roles played by same actor. Must be versatile enough to make each role a distinct character

Quintus/Martius/Publius/Goth: Same as Alarbus/Clown/Mutius

Nurse: The deliverer of Tamora's baby and the only one who knows that the baby is Aaron's and not the Emperors.

"Villain, what hast thou done?"