Characters (denotes Female, Male, or playable by either gender)

Katherine (F):
Proud, sees value in herself, but is not confident that anyone will ever acknowledge it. She is not quite bitter, but used to fighting for every scrap of attention. She is set completely off-balance by Petruchio. Pride without confidence is the key here. (Age can range from early 20's to late 30's, emotional maturity is the real issue.)
Petruchio (M):
Intelligent and very self-aware. He usually gets what he wants, but has never had it handed to him. More sensitive than he likes to show, he's used to wearing a mask of egotism and insensitivity. He must be able to be both people. Sees Kate's proud spirit and brilliant mind, but also the lack of attention she has always received, and gives her a lifetime of attention in a few days. His admiration for Kate must be clear to the audience, even though the other characters can't always see it.
Bianca (F):
Kate's younger sister. Silly, false, only gratingly sweet. She has received all the attention that has been denied Kate. She is the model for the showpiece in her father's gallery, and the piece, more than herself, draws great adulation. Whether or not she is physically lovely, she focuses on her looks, her ability to attract men (and women), and doesn't care whether it's genuine, as long as it's public.
Baptista (M/F) (Katherine & Bianca's mother):
Primarily to blame for the dysfunctional sisters. She lives for her gallery and her younger daughter, in that order. Loves money and fine things, has begun to care more about appearances and popularity than seeking out talent. She can't deal with Kate's ability to reveal her foolishness, and has chosen to ignore her, even forget her when she can.
Lucentio (M):
The heir to a great fortune that he had nothing to do with building, more money than sense. He's not an unkind person, but is easily taken in by tricks, scams, and especially beauty. His admiration for Bianca is real, but like everyone else, he falls in love with the image.
Gremia (M/F):
Suitor to Bianca. Wealthy, likes to own things. Engaged in a bidding war for Bianca, but has a little more trouble getting Baptista to warm to the idea. Solves every problem with money.
Hortensio (M):
Suitor to Bianca. Bourgeois. Not as well-off as Gremia, but no less taken in by the flurry of praise surrounding Bianca. He really just wants to be married, but his pride makes him go after the prize. Acquaintance of Petruchio, but slightly intimidated by him.
Tranio (M):
Friend of Lucentio, a hanger-on and willing beneficiary of Lucentio's money. Protective of his gullible friend. Along for the ride, drooling at every woman, pricing up every expensive thing, constantly borrowing money from Lucentio.
Grumio (M/F):
Bright, creative, able. An old friend who shares in Petruchio's jokes and loves watching a plan come together. A good foil to his friend/employer's wit. Follows Petruchio out of a real sense of affection, perhaps a little too strong.
Widow (F) (AKA the Hostess):
Waitress, worldly and experienced, wary of the intentions of the men who cross her path. Skeptical, but enjoys a bit of fun.
Vincentio (M/F) - Lucentio's father:
Plain-spoken and hardworking, the founder of his own fortune. Respectable, not showy, waiting patiently for Lucentio to settle down.
Sly (M):
A starving street artist so supremely untalented that even Baptista sees it. Spends his time drinking and chasing women. With some new clothes and instant attention, Baptista makes him a new fad.
Curtis (M/F): (AKA the tailor/haberdasher.)
Temporary staff, hired by Petruchio & Grumio to make Kate's dress. Much abused.
Pedant (M/F):
Hapless travelling businessperson, deceitfully drawn in to the whole mess to impersonate Vincentio. He is grateful, and occasionally enjoys the conceit, but has no control over his situation.