The Rude Mechanicals Present Oedipus/Antigone


Directed by Jay Henry · Produced by Joshua Engel · May 14-15 and 21-22, 2004

Became the CEO of Thebes, Incorporated after he single-handedly rescued the company from financial ruin. Everybody in this production has money in their pocket thanks to this guy. Of course, everyone in this production loses money because of him, but right now the world is his oyster.
Brother of Jocasta. Old-fashioned family with old-fashioned wealth gave him old-fashioned values. His family has been prominent in Thebes, Inc since day one. Just like his forefathers, he'll one day be President of the company, maybe even on the Board of Directors. But right now, he'll have to wait patiently while the spotlight shines on Oedipus.
Oedipus' daughter, and the brains of the next generation. She's the future of the company. She didn't graduate top in her law school to be someone's secretary. She's just the woman to keep Thebes, Inc. going in the Right direction.
A hired consultant, advising Thebes Inc. So what if he's blind? He's the best lawyer in town and an economic genius, too. He's got a 7-digit book contract, political connections, and enough money to retire tomorrow. But he'd miss being able to walk into any office on the planet and say whatever he wants. He and Oedipus have crossed paths before, when Oedipus bailed out Thebes, Inc. and Teiresias could not.
A true lady, and the public face of Thebes, Inc. She is Creon's sister and Oedipus' wife. The best family pedigree, the best boarding schools, and the best finishing schools led to the best husbands. Her kids are great, too. Throws a killer cocktail party.
Chief of Security at Thebes, Inc. Since taking over the job, nobody at Thebes Inc. has been fired for fraud, stealing from the company, embezzling, or unethical behavior. This one-of-a-kind record is a testament to the Guard's revolutionary policy of "Look the Other Way" and personal motto of "Don't piss off the Boss".
Lachesis (Secretary 1)
She's the ringleader for the Chorus of Women. The walls of Thebes, Inc. have ears: hers. She knows everything, spies everything, and would sell her grandmother for the piece of gossip that would finally get her a pay raise. In the meantime, she's content to incite her co-workers with the goings-on of the building.
Atropos (Secretary 2)
She's also a member of the Chorus of Women. The skeptic. The pessimist. She brings tidings of Great Doom. Maybe her chair isn't comfortable. Maybe she isn't being paid enough. Maybe she's ending another failed relationship. Who knows? Point is, some people just aren't going to have anything hopeful to say.
Clotho (Secretary 3)
Final part of Chorus of Women. She's the smart one, the lady with enough experience to know what can be ignored and what needs her attention. Voted "Employee most Likely to be Found at Her Desk During a Natural Disaster" 10 years in a row. After all, if something truly was important, she'd already see it coming.
Personal Assistant
Leader of the Chorus of Women. Personal Secretary to Oedipus, and later Creon. Her job is to serve, and she's the best at it. She knows all the little details about everyone that even they forget. Wanna know when Creon's birthday is? How the Chairman takes his coffee? What's Jocasta's favorite floral arrangement? When did that subpoena get shredded? She's got the answer and a smile.
Chairman of the Board
Leader of the Chorus of Men, he's Oedipus' and Creon's boss; The Big Bucks. He shouldn't even be in this play, except that the company is starting to leak money like a sieve. Otherwise, he can usually be found at his country club or his mountainside estate in Monaco. He'll grudgingly admit that Oedipus has saved him once already, but Creon's presence doesn't make Oedipus as necessary as some would think.
Julian Pratt (Board member 1)
Board Member. You made your millions by rolling all your inheritance into junk bonds, then investing the high yields you got there into the Savings and Loans industry (and a nasty cocaine habit). Next week, your fortune will be worth nothing. But today, life is good.
Serena Joy (Board member 2)
Board Member. You're young and rich, and beautiful, if you do say so yourself. Your fortune comes from buying up weak companies and then selling off the assets for a profit. Your biggest pet peeves include all those liquid assets that can't help a company just because they're marked as retirement funds"for the employees. You're the kid that got all the newest and shiniest toys for Christmas, only to sell them on the playground the next day for cash. Most people would have certain impolite words for guys like you. But you can't hear their curses from your penthouse patio, so what difference do they make?
Apollo Fairchild (Board member 3)
Board Member. You've got $100 bills older than some states. You're rich because your father was rich because his father was rich because, you get the idea. Your fortune has grown during two World Wars and a Great Depression. These new kids like Creon and Oedipus are great, but you're skeptical about all these new ideas they keep talking about, like computers and satellite communications.
Jocasta's Messenger
Personal Assistant to Jocasta. There are entire countries in the Caribbean that are easier to manage and organize than Jocasta's household. Weather would be better, too. Plus you'd be rid of Oedipus' arsenal of off-color humor. You've got the resumé, and you wanted to hit the open market this year. But not like this. All the contacts and all the networking isn't worth the image that Jocasta and Oedipus left for you to tell the world. After that, you're off to drink this day into oblivion.
Eurydice's Messenger
Personal Assistant to Eurydice. It was a nice job, looking after one of the most pampered women the history of mankind. The family was wonderful. You were always taken care of. You felt like you were one of them. Deep down you never wanted something to happen to your new family. But today, you have to tell Eurydice that this little slice of heaven is gone forever, for both of you.
Creon and Eurydice's only child. You're also Antigone's cousin. And her fiancé. Which is gross when you stop and think about it. But that doesn't matter. It's good for the company. Whoever says arranged marriages are dead obviously doesn't have oil tankers in the Mediterranean named after them. You do. You're finally home from your trip around the world, ready to marry your childhood playmate and take your place in the corner office the company has been saving for you. When you return, you find there have been some interesting policy changes.
Oedipus' daughter. You don't work. You don't have to. Dad takes care of the company, and Antigone will after him. While they make the money, there are too many parties and new clubs to go to; they can't expect someone like you to waste away in front of a desk, can they? It's the 80's, and you want the whole experience. As long as the parents are alive, you'll never worry about money. It would take some huge scandal or economic Armageddon to dent your trust fund.
Messenger from Corinth
You're a smart lawyer from Corinth, Inc., Oedipus' previous company and still a large part of his portfolio. You're here to tell the old employee he's now the new Chairman of the Board. This is a big moment for you; yours is the only face he'll know. A good first impression can finally get you that big office and private bathroom you've been eyeing for so long.
You don't make enough to retire, and you've been here too long to get fired. So you're stuck with Thebes, Inc. and they're stuck with you. You can remember as far back as the last CEO, Jocasta's first husband. You remember their wedding. You remember the baby shower the office threw when she was pregnant. Oh, you didn't hear about that day? Well sit down, and let me tell you.
Creon's loving and ever-faithful wife. You always expected to marry into the Fortune 500, and you were woman enough to hook someone in the top 10. Your mother was a smart woman, and she chose to stay home and raise a family. So why shouldn't you? Anything less would be unseemly. You're still skeptical about this whole "women in the workplace". You love your man. You love your son. Your world is how you decree it, and you see that it is good.