The Women:

Lysistrata: Determined, bullheaded, doesn't listen so well, but aiming her at a problem is like aiming a laser cannon at a stick of butter. The leader of the sex protest.

Calonice: Lysistrata's best friend, with a one-track mind that begins and ends on 'sex.'

Myrrhine: The biggest tease in the entire play. A friend to both Lysistrata and Calonice, a go go dancer by trade, married to Kinesias.

Stratyllis: As tough-minded as Lysistrata in her way, it's Stratyllis who actually manages the takeover of the Acropolis and gets into physical scraps with the men. Needs to be able to handle fisticuffs.

Lampito: the Spartan, who will probably be played by an enormous, muscular man, with a Russian accent.

Women's Chorus.

The Men:

Magistrate: Fussy and officious, an older gentleman who can't figure out why his soldiers keep losing battles with these uppity female protesters.

Little Magistrate, an Honorary Member of the Men's Chorus: the Magistrate's penis. A small part.

Kinesias: A young husband, genuinely devoted to his wife Myrrhine, and desperate to have her back.

Little Kinesias, an Honorary Member of the Men's Chorus: Kinesias' penis.

Philurgus: Leader of the Men's Chorus.

Little Philurgus, an Honorary Member of the Men's Chorus: Philurgus' penis.

Spartan Ambassador: a desperately horny gentleman who limps to Athens to sue for peace.

Little Spartan Ambassador, an Honorary Member of the Men's Chorus: the Spartan Ambassador's penis. A large part.

Manes, a slave. Manes has no penis. Manes only has a prop baby.

Men's Chorus.

The Honorary Members of the Men's Chorus.

The Ultimate Flower Power