"Rude" Rude Mechanicals T-Shirts Just For Fun...

Below are links to download graphics for special t-shirts that were designed by one of the actors who is now 3-for-3 in playing villains in the plays (First Murderer, Conrade, and now Guildenstern). (He claims typecasting.) These commemorate the people without whom Shakespeare would have seemed more like...Disney - The Villains. There are villain t-shirts for Macbeth and Much Ado About Nothing. Soon there will be one for Hamlet. There are various attempts at humor in the t-shirts; see if you get the jokes.

These are JPEGs that when at full size will fit onto an 8 1/2 x 11 inch page. It is suggested that you use a graphics program to put these on any t-shirt transfer - remember that you may need to "mirror" the design to get it to print correctly on an iron-on transfer. Also, our experience is that 50%Cotton/50%Polyester shirts soak up the iron-on transfers better than 100% Cotton.

For Macbeth, the V-shirt design commemorates a clean sweep against Banquo and Ms. MacDuff/Little MacDuffs. The Murderers Three went undefeated in six double "headers."


Much Ado's V-shirt makes note of the nemesis of the Dastardly Duo. See if you can find the rebus that commemorates Conrade's big (loud) line.


These designs are given away freely. You may copy and redistribute them as long as you don't charge for them. On the "blue moon" chance that someone actually looks at this, downloads the graphics, and makes a t-shirt, please send a "Thank you" email to the Rude Mechanicals (you can send it to Sorceress@aol.com).