Too Much Free Time Theater

A collection of various bits of multimedia whimsy strewn together over the past few productions...
[NB: this is a slightly more creative corner of the site, in a free-form anarchistic sort of way, and as such any likenesses or copyrighted material which appears on these pages should be construed as used for the purposes of (originally private) satire only. This site is not meant as a means of public distribution of this content; only as a means to give you a window to how sick and depraved Shakespearean actors can get if they're given some free time in which to play.]

10 Year Anniversary Ribbons, by Alan Duda. Created for the 10 year anniversary celebration in honor of the official date of incorporation of "The Rude Mechanicals" as a non-profit on July 25, 1999.

"Modern Rude Mechanical", by Elise Berg

The Addams Plantagenet Family, by Alan J. Duda and Peter Eichman. They're creepy and they're kooky...

The Rude Mechanicals visit South Park, by Kevin Hollenbeck, Jaki Demarest, John Hefner, and Joshua Engel. This is what happens at late-night cast parties.

Henry VI

The Lancaster Girls, by Kevin Hollenbeck. Sure, being chased by three beautiful women sounds great on paper, until you read the fine print...

Palindromic Sonnets, the Henry VI bios of Alan J. Duda, Kevin Hollenbeck, and BJ Mitchell. The challenge was to write a palindromic sonnet. They should have told us it was supposed to be nearly impossible before we went ahead and did it.

SixPix!With most heartfelt apologies to Dr. Seuss...


Hamlet: The Flowchart, by Alan J. Duda. Finally, the whole dang play explained in a simple, easy-to-understand manner!

Hamlet: The Lost Papers, by Alan J. Duda. Discovered by a lieutenant of Fortinbras in one of the trashcans in the office of the late King Claudius, this note seems to provide at least some insight into the young Prince's mindset at the time of his death.

Macbeth & Much Ado 2000

T-shirt designs by BJ Mitchell, featuring both the Macbeth and Much Ado t-shirts.

Greetings From Scotland: Wish You Were Here, by Kevin Hollenbeck, with apologies to Steve Cox. [In retrospect, that whole head-on-a-pike thing came back to haunt me, as it were, in ways I couldn't even have fathomed.]