Antony - Michael J. Dombroski
Caesar’s greatest admirer, ally, and bodyguard.
Brutus - B. Harrington Moors
Once Caesar’s enemy, now his closest peer.
Caesar - Alan Duda
Emperor, conqueror, soldier, and husband.
Calpurnia - Lauren Julien (Cassius 13th and 26th)
Caesar’s wife, lover, yet not his best friend.
Cassius - Amy Rauch (Calpurnia 13th and 26th)
Brutus' oldest ally and leader of the Conspiracy.
Lucius - J. Calvin Smith
Loyal servant to Brutus and his wife Portia.
Portia - Charlene V. Smith
Brutus’ wife and confidant. The only person who knows him better than he knows himself.


Casca - Stephen Cox
A coward, honest to a fault, yet able to strike the first blow.
Cicero - Kareem el Dahab
Caesar’s most vocal opponent, but the only Senator not involved in the conspiracy.
Cinna - Mikki Barry
The Senator with the least power, and the biggest grudge.
Decius Brutus - Richard Atha-Nicholls
A flatterer and master of lies.
Metellus Cimber - Patrick Mullen
A bribesman and master of disguise.
Octavius - Evan Ockershausen
Adopted son of Caesar, will aid Antony in re-building Rome.
Trebonius - Tom McGrath
Head security guard of the Senate chamber. Possibly Antony's only equal.


Artemidorus - Steve Kramer
The “soothsayer”, a historian, knows this has happened before.
Flavius - Melissa Robinson
A camera operator, one who seeks to show the truth.
Marullus - Josh Engel
A journalist, one who seeks to speak the truth.
Fadia - Heather C. Jackson
Antony's first wife and citizen of Rome.
Marcella - Emily McKinnon
Antony's eldest daughter and citizen of Rome.
Antonia - Dorothy Kramer
Antony's youngest daughter and citizen of Rome.
Pompey - Donald Cook
A stony reminder of the past, previously one of the first Triumvirate.

Production Team

Sean Eustis
Assistant Directors
Elise Berg
Lyn Belzer-Tonnessen
Robert Perkins
Stage Manager
Leanne Dinverno
Costume Design and Construction
Heather C. Jackson
Costume Assistant
Elise Berg
Music Director and Composer
Nathen Wurzel
Seain Gutridge
Set and Lighting Design
Patrick Mullen
Technical Assistant
Torberg Tonnessen
Production Assistant
Nell Codner
Executive Producer
Josh Engel