Shylock: Jewish Loan Shark. Male age 30+

Antonio: Wealthy Businessman. Male age 30-50

Bassanio: Young up-and-comer. Male age 20-30

Gratiano: Friend to Bassanio. Male age 20+

Portia: Wealthy Heiress. Female age 20-40

Jessica: Shylock's daughter. Female age 16-25

Nerissa: Portia’s Servant and Friend. Female any age.

Lorenzo: Friend to Bassanio, love interest to Jessica. Male age 16-25

Solanio: Friend to Bassanio. Male any age.

Salarino: Friend to Bassanio. Male any age.

Morocco: Suitor to Portia. African-American male, any age.

Arragon: Suitor to Portia. Male any age.

Launcelot: Comical Servant to Shylock. African-American male, age 16-30

Gobbo: Launcelot’s Father, also a servant. African-American male, age 40+

Tubal: Jewish Businessman, friend to Shylock. Male age 30+

Stephana (and possible other roles): Servant/Secretary - Female any age

Duke: Baltimore/Venice shady politician - 35-60